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Day 5

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Day 5

The day that was supposed to be a recovery day 🙂

Up a bit early and I was starting to feel the miles in my legs!

We stage up its time to head out of Lompoc and do the “easy” 50 miles to Santa Barbara.

We roll easy for about 10mins and then Jim decides to take a flyer…  We all look at ea other and nobody wants to chase… we roll the tempo up a bit but Jim’s gap is growing and growing.  Finally I think ok I’ll reel him in. So I get on the front and roll up the pace and by the time I have him in sight I’m drilling it.  I catch Jim about 5 miles into the 12 mile climb.  As soon as I pull off after reeling him in people regroup a bit and the tempo keeps rolling up and up.  Jim started a shit storm J  Eventually Daniel gets on the front and drills it dropping people 1 by 1 till it is just me and him.  I take a couple short pulls but I have very little when Daniel suggests we should bring the tempo down let people catch and I’m happy to do so 🙂  We all regroup atop the climb out of Lompoc.

Eventually we descend to the 101 a fun yet hair raising 50mph decent where I wasn’t the only one to sit up after a bit.  For me it was the cross wind it blew me right out into the road… sketchy!  Not after too long we took  a quick break to regroup on the side of the road. Here I felt like LA is starting to look within reach!

At mile 30 we hit our lunch stop great view next to the Pacific Ocean.

And the pacific rail way

We roll at a good pace but nothing super fast all the way to the Fess Parker Resort in Santa Barbara. Not a bad hotel….

The legs feel good and the livin is easy!

Day 4

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Day 4

Trying to write while this is fresh in my head by need to get to sleep!

Alarm went off at 7:30am and for the first time all week I pretty much slept thru the night.

Lill PB&j, OJ, and coffee to start the day and we were off at 9am with a good size group!

We rolled thru the foggy roads and started to up the tempo 21-22mph was the norm as we headed south via the PCH I took what felt like a lot of pulls trying to keep the pace quick but not fast as we had a long day! Highway signs are foresees of the future for us a long way till home and a descent ride to our 1st sag stop in SLO.

Like the humming of a mechanical humming bird we buzzed down the road all taking pulls I even dipped off to take a leak at one point and then just chased back on.  Eventually we hit Pismo and the sun!

Lunch was a social event on this day so we hit up a local café for some pancakes and coffee not my usual mid ride meal but when in Rome

After lunch we rolled out in a big group ~13 heads I sat on the front for a bit and slowly rolled up the pace, rolled up and then I realized it was me and Daniel (I keep doing that don’t mean to being a dumb MTBer I just feel like when at the front you should be working so I do work…)  Daniel comes around me and lays the wood to me on a small climb out of town there was a split second I thought my pancakes were going to make a repeat showing but it ended well.  After the climb I took over the pace and drilled it.  But after a while we were feeling anti social and sat up to regroup.  From here it was rural farm roads and narrow ones at that!  Bad cross winds! Me and Daniel both took tough pulls in the wind (well it was tough for meJ )  at one point we were totally echeloned across the road….

We turned to a tail wind and Daniel hit the gas, I jumped on and we were going 30+ on flat roads.  On one pull I started to really feel like I was running out of gas, he came around me and eventually I lost his wheel.  I fought like hell to stay in contact but it wasn’t to be…. Then I looked down and realized I had a flat…. No wonder!

Fixed that and got caught by the 3rd group on the road.  We rolled together for a bit then I had the hair brained idea that I could catch the 2nd group on the road…. I put my head down (at mile 70 now) and went!  I thought I might be making up grounded till I made the turn onto Harris grade and got a time check of 10mins… climb was too short to make up that much time… But I kept the hammer down anyway why not.

I felt surprisingly good for hitting the biggest climb of the day at mile 86… What a view from the top!

We regrouped at the top and made our way into town… As we pulled into the hotel I saw 98.5 miles on the clock so me and Tom decided we wanted to see 100 so we rolled down to santa rosa road and back to end at 101

(longest distance on a road bike for me….)  Solid day in the saddle and my legs still feel pretty good…  305 miles down!

Day 3

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Today was the “climbing day”  but on paper it didn’t look that hard (it was no mnt baldy) but with 3 days in my legs I was worried how I would feel. The “fast group” was down to 3 people today as we started with a 4 mile 900’ climb so people wanted to start easy.  We started nice and easy but soon tempo rolled up and we were cookin.  Looking back at the data the hardest work I did all day was in the first 20mins of the ride.  My legs felt pretty good esp for the short warm up or no warm up.

As we climbed the sun started to come out and by the top I was all smiles rolling my arm warmers down we rolled on and could see below a HUGE wall of fog 1,000 feet below us… yup we descended right down into it and it was thick!

It wasn’t long before we caught the other riders riding cautiously in the pea soup fog. Further down the road Jim had to start at mile 12 as his gear accidently got forwarded ahead in a sag vehicle.

He jumped in with us and before we knew it we had got to the front group on the road.  We rolled on and had a nice group going.  We happened on some serious construction on the pch where the road had been taken out by a land slide last winter (which caused a reroute of the TOC in May)

After some rollers and some good ol chatting a sag vehicle started to moto pace us and the tempo started to roll up, and 1 by 1 people popped off. I was sitting 3rd wheel when the guy in front of me lost the wheel.  I took a look up the road and though I’ll give it a try and I chased back! So now its Daniel inches from the bumper at 25mph going up hill I’m just too chicken to really get that close I’m barely hanging onto the draft and chicken out and pull the rip cord but still chase hard.  The vehicle pulls off and circles back for me and with just me behind the car I’m feeling more comfortable and now we are rockin again amazing how fast you can go in that draft!  I get pulled up to Daniel and now we are miles ahead of the group… We roll on at a fun pace and hit the main climb of the day a ~4 mile ascent to lunch stop at mile 50.  Not only do we climb out of teh fog but well above it!

We roll on the tempo and Daniel is nicer to me and holds back and we roll into lunch.

With only 20 miles to go after lunch we decided to roll out with a good size group and just relax and enjoy the breaking fog.

We stop to take some pics of the elephant seals

And some Zebras by the hurst castle.

We rolled into san simion into the hotel and chilled out another great day in the saddle!

Day 2 Big Sur

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Day 2 in the books and wow now this is a vacation!!

Start was later today and I was glad to be able to sleep in…  it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever gotten but I did “sleep” for ~10hrs… up at 7:30am and packed my bag for the transport to the next hotel.

I headed down to breakfast ate a couple bananas, granola and oatmeal. Lill to coffee to warm me up (fresh from the French press yup they know cyclists)  and I kit up arm warmers, knee warmers, and vest again… its foggy and misting at the start in wattsonville, ca home of what seems like all of the strawberries grown in CA…  We start out on quite farm roads turning into and out of a nasty head wind. We are moving well 20+ mph we get about 6 miles in and the 1st flat of the day happens… better now than later.  SAG was nearby so we had a pump to fix quickly.

So onward we rolled 5 of us in the “fast group” and we are working well together ea taking good pulls I take my 1st good pull of the day and my legs feel good I stick to educate and keep our speed 21-22mph as it has been.  But I was feeling good, I peel off and happy to feel like I did a good bit of work, we work on and off like this for a while.  We come upon a farmers market where the slower group (started early) was stopped we rolled in used the bathrooms and geared up and rolled out.  Onward we pushed still moving well, we had a few turns to navigate and then we were on a bike path so speeds had to come down a bit.  The path paralleled the 1 highway for miles it was great no cars no traffic just pedals rolling over and good conversation.  The path got more rural so we opened it up again and I took a nice dig at the front splitting the group of “slower” riders that had left with us and we were down to 6.  We rolled on here for miles till we swung into seaside and the path dropped down to the beach!  What a view! Clouds be damned it was nice!

Form here it was thru Monterey to the climb to lunch at vet’s park we slowed to navigate a few turns… here was the low part of my day as we got started at a light my foot slipped on the damp cross walk paint and BAM nuts right on my top tube… yup I had to pull over and gather my thoughts that sucked!  One left turn to go and it was the short but steep climb to the park.  Angry about me balls I stomp on the pedals a bit and am jointed by the resident Pro on the trip (Daniel is strong!) I lead for a bit but hold back as I don’t know the climb at all!  Daniel started to lead and I follow his wheel and up we go he keeps the tempo high so there is no chance for me to attack…. I reserve myself to just trying to follow his wheel.  We start into some switch backs I have no idea how many there are and ea time I think I might be able to muster up a burst he sees it coming and accelerates he keeps the pace high and I’m thinking I’m going to get dropped but I see the top and hold his wheel to the top.  I’m sure that was a pedestrian pace for him I was just happy to get up there on his wheel.  It was a couple mins before we saw the next person….  Quick lunch (pulled pork sandwich anyone? Not for me!:)

We head up and up a bit more climbing to a rather busy descent past pebble beach golf course where we saw not 1 but 2 Bugati Verons drive by….wtf?  We ride on and once the road gets less busy we start to roll the pace up again. I get to the front and take what I thought was a tough but measured pull and oops I’m a dick I dropped everyone but Daniel… we soft pedal and 1 other regroups I pull over for a nature break and we all come back together.  We eventually reach the coast headed to big sur.  The arm warmers are off, the vest is gone, the sun is out and the views are amazing!  We cross over a couple bridges we mistake for the Bixby.

Before the bridge we got flat #2 of the day not bad for a group ride on rough roads.

Sick views!

Daniel and Tim waiting as tires are changed

Then after some really nice riding we cross the Bixby amongst a scary amount of tourist in HHRs and PT cruisers….

From here is it was a bit of climbing till a final descent to the Big Sur river inn.  We were pulling full gas at 40mph not my comfort zone but fun!

We pull in and I go straight to change into my bathing suit and into the river which felt like 40F! I mean it was cold after a few mins my legs were totally numb and I was sitting there with my arms crossed just chilling out literally.

After 20-30mins in the river it was off to the ventana hotel up the road for a massage to clear out all the junk from the last 2 days this place was prob one of the nicest resorts I’ve ever been to.

An hour on the table and a swim in the pool some cheese (I skipped the wine) and it is time for dinner (I’m starved!!!)

100+ miles is in the cards for us tomorrow with lots of steep short windy climbs (the ones that don’t suit me the best) tomorrow will be the toughest day of the trip I’m pretty sure so I’m glad I got in the recovery while I can!

Coast Ride Day 1

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Day 1 in the books!

Started 9am long the San Fran coast 55F and Drizzle met us as we kitted up for our 75 mile ride to Santa Cruz.

Arm warmers, knee warmers, vest, skully I was prep’d  We headed south out of town and climbed Sky line for a nit then dropped back to the coast.  Small climb but gave us a taste of the day ahead.  Cool, wet, foggy, and fun!

Once back at the coast we settled into a nice group rolling along till we hit devils slide.  Here we spread out a bit small shoulder ment not room to really attack as you were in the gutter the whole time.  Once at the top there was a SAG vehicle who waited for a group of us then let us go on the descent and drove behind us with his hazards on nice we had the whole road for the dangerous descent!

On the DH I was working hard… too hard… I was getting dropped and eventually I stopped to look over my bike and found the rear brake rubbing badly!  Fixed quick and I caught back on to a group of 2 who had just fixed a flat (SAG vehicle was close behind and just gave them a new wheel! love it!)  We held a nice pace 21-22mph thru the rolling hills south till our quick lunch stop where we resupplied and kept rolling.

Rolling out we had a nice big group 7-8 and rolled fast! 23-25mph ea person taking nice pulls working well together.  Till we hit some punching hills and a dropped rider here and there eventually we were down to 3 and after my pull I was hurting!  but I was hurting more then I should have been I stopped again (getting dropped) and yup rear brake again 😦 opened it up a ton and got swept up by the 2nd group of 2 on the road.  We chilled out and did 19-20 into town a great day done.  Beautiful scenery along the North Cal coast!

HFNC Coastal Race for Hemophilia 2011

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Well this blog is hurting! but I’m going to put it to good use, in 5 days I am riding from San Fransico to San Diego in support of the Hemophilia Council of California.

I plan on doing daily blog updates, pics and videos of the great places we’ll ride and the awesome people involved in this event!

Stay tuned:)

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I imported my old blog posts and will be updating this more as the new API allows more mobile posts and better plug-ins for twitter and trainingpeaks so this will def get more media and attention 🙂