Day 5

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Day 5

The day that was supposed to be a recovery day 🙂

Up a bit early and I was starting to feel the miles in my legs!

We stage up its time to head out of Lompoc and do the “easy” 50 miles to Santa Barbara.

We roll easy for about 10mins and then Jim decides to take a flyer…  We all look at ea other and nobody wants to chase… we roll the tempo up a bit but Jim’s gap is growing and growing.  Finally I think ok I’ll reel him in. So I get on the front and roll up the pace and by the time I have him in sight I’m drilling it.  I catch Jim about 5 miles into the 12 mile climb.  As soon as I pull off after reeling him in people regroup a bit and the tempo keeps rolling up and up.  Jim started a shit storm J  Eventually Daniel gets on the front and drills it dropping people 1 by 1 till it is just me and him.  I take a couple short pulls but I have very little when Daniel suggests we should bring the tempo down let people catch and I’m happy to do so 🙂  We all regroup atop the climb out of Lompoc.

Eventually we descend to the 101 a fun yet hair raising 50mph decent where I wasn’t the only one to sit up after a bit.  For me it was the cross wind it blew me right out into the road… sketchy!  Not after too long we took  a quick break to regroup on the side of the road. Here I felt like LA is starting to look within reach!

At mile 30 we hit our lunch stop great view next to the Pacific Ocean.

And the pacific rail way

We roll at a good pace but nothing super fast all the way to the Fess Parker Resort in Santa Barbara. Not a bad hotel….

The legs feel good and the livin is easy!

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