Day: August 21, 2011

Coast Ride Day 1

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Day 1 in the books!

Started 9am long the San Fran coast 55F and Drizzle met us as we kitted up for our 75 mile ride to Santa Cruz.

Arm warmers, knee warmers, vest, skully I was prep’d  We headed south out of town and climbed Sky line for a nit then dropped back to the coast.  Small climb but gave us a taste of the day ahead.  Cool, wet, foggy, and fun!

Once back at the coast we settled into a nice group rolling along till we hit devils slide.  Here we spread out a bit small shoulder ment not room to really attack as you were in the gutter the whole time.  Once at the top there was a SAG vehicle who waited for a group of us then let us go on the descent and drove behind us with his hazards on nice we had the whole road for the dangerous descent!

On the DH I was working hard… too hard… I was getting dropped and eventually I stopped to look over my bike and found the rear brake rubbing badly!  Fixed quick and I caught back on to a group of 2 who had just fixed a flat (SAG vehicle was close behind and just gave them a new wheel! love it!)  We held a nice pace 21-22mph thru the rolling hills south till our quick lunch stop where we resupplied and kept rolling.

Rolling out we had a nice big group 7-8 and rolled fast! 23-25mph ea person taking nice pulls working well together.  Till we hit some punching hills and a dropped rider here and there eventually we were down to 3 and after my pull I was hurting!  but I was hurting more then I should have been I stopped again (getting dropped) and yup rear brake again 😦 opened it up a ton and got swept up by the 2nd group of 2 on the road.  We chilled out and did 19-20 into town a great day done.  Beautiful scenery along the North Cal coast!