Welcome to 2010

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Wow I have been slacking…..

Since the introduction of trainingpeaks to track my rides and twitter to post random thoughts, pics/vid this blog has been layed to the side….

Thought I’d try and do a monthly update still though.

Decmeber saw Base training ramp up big time 522 miles! Decemeber was my biggest month of 2009… wtf? historically decmeber and january I sit around and get fat… This year I lost about 10lbs from November to February… nice change 🙂

Ok the stats for 2009 were bigger and better then I could have ever hoped.

Total Miles 4,097
MTB miles 1,346
road miles 2,228
CX miles 126
Trainer miles 396

holy crap I did almost 400 miles on my freakin trainer! wow that was $80 well spent on that thing!

Month broke down as follows
Jan 111
Feb 237
Mar 325
Apr 324
May 381
Jun 283
Jul 338
Aug 499
Sep 340
Oct 341
Nov 388
Dec 522

Grand total of 381 hours on the bike in 2009 (thats avg’ing more then an hour a day all year 🙂

Gonna say that 2009 was bigger and better then I dreamed, started to get comfortable racing XC. Raced in 12 XC races and 1 Marathon race. Best result was 2nd in XC and I took 3rd in the Marathon. I plan on racing CAT 2 for 1 more season I’m really hoping to make the jump to CAT 1 after this year.

2010 Plans
Big XC spring Campaghn
Sage Bruch 2/28
Bonelli 3/13
RacersNChasers 3/20
Sea Otter 4/17
Idyllwild Classic 5/1

Then a big fun trip to Fruita/Moab in May

Final race of the spring 12hrs of Temecula 4Man team 6/12

A break over the summer to rest a bit and have some fun before real training begins again

Fall is for the tough stuff!!!
Socal Epic 50 10/2
12 hrs of Temecula SOLO 11/13

Its been a wet/cold winter here in Socal (well cold and wet for socal) but i’ve been pretty diligent about training. Save for a gym related injury and some knee issues (due to not stretching enough) I’m trucking along as I gear up for the first race of the season.

Pics and vid from Sage brush and all races.

http://rodderracing.com/ is up and running stay tuned there for race reports.

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