Racers and Chasers

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So today was a good day!

Lets hit the start, camped over night to be at the race venue on time for a good warm up… but with the early start time ect ect I still only got in a 10min warm up… but I did get the HR up to 170-180 for a couple mins warm the legs up.

We started out of the moto gates which was cool! and straight up a small climb… I went over the top front half of the pack. into the first climb and I was held up in some traffic but I got thru (this 1 reason I should have gone out harder more on that later) So thru a ton of tight trails the course was loose! but I managed to keep the bike upright as people crashed around me. Hit the main desent and was held up again in slower traffic but I was cool and waited for the right spot to pass. I catch a guy in a GT jersey on a carbon Zaskar after he dabs in a spot and think nothing of it… *yea he was in the lead in my catagory… aka I was now in the lead and had no idea….* we hit the 2nd climb and the 10yard gap I had on him was gone we fought it out a bit but he got the best of me and he gapped me about 50yards toward the end of lap 1

lap 1 29:32 HR 176 avg

Lap 2 things calmed down and I started to race my own race gone was the dust of the wheels in front of me and I was really enjoying the new bike! The wheels were uber light and I could def feel them spin up fast on the climbs! I was getting use to the uber steep angles on the descents and kept it together nicely even in the deep sand! I was trying hard but just could make much headway on the GT guy…. I finished strong and when results posted I felt kinda dumb….. I mean I def had more left in the tank and if I had know he was THE man to catch I prob could have closed what turned out to be a 30sec gap…. lesson learned 🙂

Lap 2 27:23 HR 171 avg

Lessons learned get in a good 20min warm up! hitting LT!

Always go for the hole shot, slow traffic is worse then having people try and pass you as you recover later…

and Always have the fucking hammer down! next time 🙂

Big thanks to Pronghorn for the bike and wheels. Huge thanks to the guys (Mike and Doug) at North of the Boarder bike shop for all thier help and the jersey to race in today since team kits werent in yet! Glad to do ya proud 🙂


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