Lake Hodges Ride

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So after the lack of sleep stopped me from riding to work on national bike to work day so I desided to do the ride home today 🙂

Left work and headed north up Pomerado, the legs weren’t feeling that good, little stiff and lacking pop…. I got up to Lake hodges and crossed the new pedestrian bridge 🙂 cool pic

So accross the bridge and off up into southern escondido… I turned west on via rancho parkway and cruised down a bit till I got to Felasito… thats where I hit a nasty short climb! that hurt… continued to climb till I go to lake side rd this was the best part of the whole ride! I descended down to the lake.

Then the road twists and turns and winds around the lake, no traffic, in the trees, so cool! That ended when the road turned away from the lake and up! I mean UP! short but my 36/25 hated me spinning like 40 rpm standing….

on to del dieos hwy and up to the hodges damn. the traffic was moving fast and was alill scray esp since at the damn is a pass and the wind was whiping! in the face and was pushing me around alot.

Up and down the rode lill climbs here and there and up into Rancho Santa Fe wow people got money there! thru the center of town and west into a nasty head wind…
Down to the 5 and I was off to the coast… still a long way to go.

Down past dog beach and every lill bump is killer on my legs and I’m out of water and have to piss….

Thru Del mar and down to torrey pines I knock out the inside at a respectable pace chasing down a rabbit I had in a UC cyclery kit. I hit the golf course surprised I feel as good as I did… I’m getting hungery I have no food but I downed 2,00 kcal so far that day….

I stop at a light catching my next rabbit, and old guy who is fit lookin! He is in a shop kit and rockin a Cervelo and a power tap… “I say hi hows it going” he looks at me with a blank look and ignores me…. light turns green I ride ahead he sits on my wheel for a bit I’m expecting him to come around soon… I take the right toward UCSD fast! and open up a gap and that was the last I saw him… I really hope he was on a recovery ride and got that stick out of his ass….

past UCSD and down to the scrips pier… I’m going like 40MPH and a guy in an old bronco thinks that is a great place to bang a 3 point turn…. I slam on the brakes and cross behind him as he starts to back up and I’m in on coming traffic…. scary moment! I wait for him to catch up and at a stop sign I give him a FUCKING hear full! He shrugs I spit on his passenger window and take aright…. dick….

I head up to la jolla and all the fake boobs are out…. over to bird rock I see a portapoty and think jackpot! but it was for a construction site and it was locked….

I keep heading toward PB and think ok I’ll hit the beach bathrooms at grand so I take a pit stop there and grab a gatorade damn I needed that I would have pounded the whole think but had a few miles and one climb left.

Down garnet… why did I take garnet… I don’t know it was cool to see the bars packed with people and the traffic on grand is a bit scary… but I always run into Aholes on garnet…. I couple of hicks in a Bro-dozer blows his air horn right next to me to try and scare me… I didn’t actually jump that much, to my surprise…. he gets stuck at a light later on he catches up again and his bro cigarette smokin passenger laughs and says “nice spandex fag” I reply “your the ones beepin at me and checkin me out….” he looks mad and I don’t take it any further for fear he’d try and run me off the road…. dick….

Up balboa it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and I cruised home… tired

Name: Lake Hodges
Type: Road Cycling – Medium Intensity
Date: 05/22/2009
Start: 16:00:00
End: 19:06:00
Time Taken: 03:06:15
Workout Weight: 145.0 lbs.
Workout Route: Lake Hodges
Total Distance: 47.37 mi.
Burned: 2,670 (kcal)

Workout Stats
Pace: 36:12 (min) 03:55 (avg) 01:33 (max)
Speed: 1.66 (mi/hr) (min) 15.26 (mi/hr) (avg) 38.42 (mi/hr) (max)
HR: 90 (bpm) (min) 159 (bpm) (avg) 184 (bpm) (max)

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