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Haven’t been out on a lunch ride as of late with all my sleep issues and it being daylight savings, but I hit the road with the guys today.

We hit up monster Cookie and it was fun as always. Out the main desent to saber springs I was out front in the wind abit but toward the bottom I tried to get in on some wheels and not do too much work before the climb. We were coming up on the base of Pomerado and the pace jumped up! I was dropped a bit but came back picking guys off one at a time till I got up on Dom’s wheel with Dave and Rob just ahead of us. We caught them at a light and then Dave has a shoe issue and had to stop for a min. We kept the pace high knowing he’d catch and Dom took the front. Rob started to ride away but we had a lot to climb still. Dave came streaming by I jumped his wheel but didn’t hang on long Dom got his wheel and then passed him as they closed on Rob and took the lower part of the climb.

We regrouped and headed up the 2nd half of the climb, I busted out early and kept the pace high. I looked back and had about 50yrds so I kept my head down and really opened up a gap! I took the col du cookie by a large margin then shut it down to wait for the guys.

Dom came by flying and I jumped back on rob’s wheel Dom wasn’t gonna let anyone pull as he wanted to ride us off his wheel and he almost did, I just hung on and we chilled for a bit. Down Down Down Down we went Donny got a nice gap on us as he is a Big strong desender and opened up enough of a gap to catch all the lights as we caught all 3!!!!

he had a HUGE lead on us going up pomerado, the long 3% up we took turns in a wicked paceline! each taking nice pulls, I dug really deep and we road one guy off our wheels, then Dom took a dig, I slid in 2nd wheel as Rob didn’t wanna pull yet. I took another dig and flicked. Rob pulled thru big and when he came off he was done and didn’t stay on Dom’s wheel…. we had ridden the whole group off… and still didn’t catch Donny. 3 of us regrouped at a light and up the last bit of climbing we went I though we must be getting close to him… last left and there he was Dom bridged but I got caught in traffic and didn’t make the light.

I finally got moving again and got them insight but there was work and I came up about 100yrds shot of catching on 🙂

Great ride!

Name: Monster Cookie
Type: Road Cycling – Medium Intensity
Date: 05/19/2009
End: 00:51:00
Time Taken: 01:01:21
Workout Weight: 149.0 lbs.
Workout Route: Monster Cookie Ride
Total Distance: 17.19 mi.
Burned: 975 (kcal)

Workout Stats
Pace: 03:34 (avg)
Speed: 16.81 (mi/hr) (avg)
HR: 90 (bpm) (min) 162 (bpm) (avg) 190 (bpm) (max)

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