Mission Trails finally

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After 2 days off it was time to get back at it!

I met up with a new teamate for a total ass kicking! Out the grasslands and up the single track we went my HR didn’t drop be low 180…. He kept the pace high I tried to hang but it didn’t happen. Damn I’m slow 😦 Up the sycamore connector he tossed it down! and I was lagging still hadn’t seen less then 180 and we were 30 mins into the ride now…. That climb hurt alot more then usual due to the effort leading up to it!

Down the connector I used to try and recover and we hit the fireroad and I got into my big ring but couldn’t hang… it was sad…

It was time to head up the switch backs and I knew he was gonna kill me, I backed off a bit knowing I had a race in less then 48hrs. And finally saw a few mins below 180 🙂 up the switch backs I settled into my own pace and made the turn up top he was a good 1/2 a mile again of me…. Man I needed this ass kicking! We get to the desecent and realized that my slowness will have to cut the ride short 😦

We desecnt into sycamore cyn finally I get my HR down a bit and recover. We crank back by the lakes, I’m soooooo slow! dropped again, but its good as I need to get pushed. He needs to get home so we agree he should hit the gas. I cruise back feeling like alill bit stupid but knowing that if I can ride with fast people (if they don’t hate me for being slow) I will get better.

Lesson of the day, ride with fast people more often the will teach you how slow you really are 🙂

Name: Mission trails
Type: Mountain Biking – General
Date: 05/07/2009
Start: 16:44:00
End: 18:17:00
Time Taken: 01:32:43
Workout Weight: 147.0 lbs.
Workout Route: Mission Trails to Santee Lakes
Total Distance: 17.25 mi.
Burned: 1,531 (kcal)

Workout Stats
Pace: 05:22 (avg)
Speed: 11.16 (mi/hr) (avg)
HR: 90 (bpm) (min) 170 (bpm) (avg) 191 (bpm) (max)

Mission Trails to Santee Lakes
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