Mission Trails Punishment….again….

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Well trying to get into the this bio-rythme (uber hard days on sunday to simulate race efforts) I moved my MTB ride to monday thinking it would be cooler then sunday…. Wrong it was 107 at my work at noon… great… I hit the train @ 5:15 it was ~95 deg… My camel back had leaked all over my bag soaking all my clothes which worked out nice 🙂 I was relatively cool to start.

I hit the dirt HARD skipping extra credit early in order to try and warm up proper in this heat. down the stairs and up to the Mesa I wasn’t feeling all that fast the heat was zapping me…. Across the mesa I put in good effort and down tothe 52 I was rockin the down.

Hit the 4 steps on the way to the ledge the conditions were tough, Hot, dry, dusty traction was low…. no dabs no pauses up the steps to teh ledge and down the ledge over the rollers and down to E-ticket lost my concentration for a sec and BAM I’m on the ground… Loose corner low side… Its ok I didn’t need the skin on my elbow/calf…. Down E-ticket and thru the cyn I’m not feeling it (after the crash) I try to put in a good effort up S-turns but I don’t have the energy to surge up the water bar, and then my seat desides to drop on its own a lill further up… I keep it going and head up the fire road for lap 2, stop as I realize my seat post is slipping….then keep moving. The sun is setting and falling behind the hills now and the heat is dropping, now I’m coming around! across the mesa I feel good, down E-ticket much better I rock the canyon (stop again as my front screwer opens) and head up S-turns… No issues this time! I rock it! Up to Xtra credit no hesitation and up I go! 1st time up hurt alot, I fly down the desecnt, and head back to go at it again! 2nd time is better (its getting cooler out but my damn seat keeps dropping) I go for a 3rd round up! I nail it and feel good trying to keep my HR above 160 on the decents. I head back to the car. 1 crash, 3 stops for mechanicals and I still fly 🙂 Hoping for good stuff this weekend!

Date: 04/20/2009
Start Time: 17:16:00
End Time: 19:00:00
Time Taken: 01:43:50
Route: Mission Trails
Total Distance: 13.48 mi.
Burned: 1,667 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 150.0 lbs.
Effort: Hardest
Quality: Good
HR: 90 (min) 167 (avg) 187 (max)
Pace: 51:27 (min) 07:42 (avg) 02:13 (max)
Speed: 1.17 (mi/hr) (min) 7.79 (mi/hr) (avg) 26.83 (mi/hr) (max)

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