Lunch Ride (Rob Jr.)

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The Clouds were just breaking but I still wore the knee/arm warmers and I was glad I did as the wind was out of the west at a good clip. We set out to do Rob Jr. i like this route lots of empty roads good climbing and fast decsents!

Off the bat I was taking it easy letting the main group go as I warmed up knowing I could catch on the first bump of the day and I did. We hit the 56 path and it was hammer time. I got in a small break of 3 and we worked (well I took short pulls and mostly sucked on wheels) till we turned north. We stoped for a min to let others catch and I took a leak.

We headed north thru a Cyn and then down to the Horse grounds. Now we hit the main climb and I was determined to stay with the group of 3. So I played it easy and sat on and waited to see how it would develope. 1 guy sat up and and was me and 1 other. I got paced up (more like I just held on) over the top and then was finally dropped by the lead guy over the top. We regrouped on the next straight and kept up the slow climb.

I was hurtin from the main climb and def put in a lill too much on it…. but I needed the ass kicking. We climbed up to 4S ranch and there I got dropped again. Rob dropped back and was cool enough to pace me back up to the front guy. (I did wait for him at the top of the main climb so it was karma) He paced me back up but the lead guy was on a mission and dropped us again. I put in a monster effort to catch him again but then I was done and sat up. Cruised back to work. I great lunch ride 🙂

Rob Jr. 04/02/2009 Route
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