Mission Trails Ride

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Great evening ride tonight. I was not feeling super at work, runny nose, sinus pressure ect ect but once I was clipped in and riding I started to feel good. Took it really easy on the first climb wanted to ease into the ride. We went down a bit and then up to the Mesa again at a slow pace was being cautious.

Once on the Mesa I took it easy and descended to the 52 and we climbed out I didn’t hammer but cleaned everything nicely. Up to the ledge I was feeling good and my bike handling was great. Down to E-ticket my descending was feeling really good, thru the canyon and to S-turns…. I was pretty happy here as for the first time on the Stumpy I CLEANED IT! and didn’t really feel that winded up top! I just picked my spots and rode smart! Up the fire road and Tom suckered me into going back up for some extra credit… There goes taking it easy I thought but the legs felt great! I granny geared it and got up with ease (this is a climb I use to struggle on alot!) I rocked the descent and back to the car 🙂 Great ride!

End of a good month March ’09 was a much bigger month then ’08 def kept the legs better over the winter. March 325.48 miles 33.89 hrs.

Mission Trails 04/01/2009 Route
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