Month: April 2009

mission trails recovery ride

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Nice easy mission trails recover ride 🙂

Started out the normal route but everyone wanted a shorter ride so I did a medium ride and cut out bedford hill and met everyone at the ledge, down e-ticket and I cleared S-turns. I skipped xtra credit as hell its my recovery day 🙂

Nice spin…. speaking of spins my head was so so…. hoping to get better and better as the days go on 🙂

Date: 04/29/2009
Start Time: 17:35:00
End Time: 18:51:00
Time Taken: 01:16:09
Route: Mission trails
Total Distance: 7.25 mi.
Burned: 891 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 149.0 lbs.
Effort: Easy
Quality: Good
HR: 90 (min) 133 (avg) 185 (max)
Pace: 36:58 (min) 10:30 (avg) 02:10 (max)
Speed: 1.62 (mi/hr) (min) 5.71 (mi/hr) (avg) 27.41 (mi/hr) (max)

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Santa Ynez Race

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So wake up and try and shake off the nyquil fog, and pop too much advil….my head was spinning from my inner ear issue….

There was a nice lill loop section at the start where the feed zone was and had a small hill in it so warm up was great there. 9:15 I start the warm up, easy 130-140bpm first lap, 150+ on 2nd lap, I hammer the crap out of the 3rd lap 170’s, and back to 140’s for my 4th lap 25min warm up adn ready to stage.

I cool off a lill waiting for the start. top 10 in the series get call ups. I start 3rd row.

Gun goes off I get into my pedal and we are off, into the first turn and I get squeezed…. I could have tossed an elbow but I tapped the brakes and fell in line. up the first lill hill I look back and we are all together wheel to wheel the whole group I’m sitting about 9-10th wheel. Down the hill and off onto the course. We all stay together till the base of the first switch back climb and I’m redlined!!! I’m try not to panick but there is no way I’m gonna be able to hold this pace no way! I get passed by 2 guys right before the switch backs.

We go into the climb and things start to calm down 2 guys go off the front and people start settleing in to thier pace. I pass a couple guys in the switch backs (think I’m sitting ~10th) I see one guy from our group (marked 19 on our legs 30-34 was 19…) with a flat so now I think I’m 11th…. I start to back off a bit and I see a guy from my group come up behind me. On the 2nd climb and put the screws to him!!!! never see them again… My desecnding is a bit off due to my head not on straight but the legs are feeling good and going up since its not technical all you need was legs….

up the 3rd climb and down to the start finish, I drop my arm warmers off to Kerin and don’t take a bottle in the feed zone as the 1 I started with is still half full. First lap 50mins. I left the bike in Pro-pedal the whole time only changing the fork travel from 150-80mm on the climbs.

2nd lap I’m feeling he burn but am really warmed up now and open it up a bit on the main climb, I get passed here and there by a couple guys from other groups (marked 20 and 21) I pass a few guys from the 19-29 crew (marked 18) but I never see another 19 again…. I keep the hammer down though as I don’t want to get caught and I wanna put in max effoert.

It was fun to see teamates out there even though I didn’t know them got a few cheers from the crowd (Go SHO-AIR!) I finished strong and after the final turn I looked back saw no one zipped up my jersey and rolled no handed over the line (no arms up like a I won or anything just happy with my effort)

Ended up I was 12th out fo 25 guys so mid pack was my goal and I got it 🙂 1:38 Great race!

Date: 04/26/2009
Start Time: 10:01:00
End Time: 11:39:00
Time Taken: 01:38:15
Route: Santa Ynez XC Course 09
Total Distance: 18.16 mi.
Reps/Laps: 2
Burned: 1,976 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 150.0 lbs.
Effort: Hardest
Quality: Great
HR: 90 (min) 173 (avg) 189 (max)
Pace: 05:25 (avg)
Speed: 11.09 (mi/hr) (avg)

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Santa Ynez pre-ride

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Woke up early saturday am and met up with 1 of my new teamates to pre-ride the course. Was really cool as he had raced there before so he knew the course well.

Up the first climb it was steep and I was trying to take it easy the day before the race, fun tight switch backs and had 1 really steep turn!

up a lill more and we passed the DHers at the starting house, man I used to be one of those guys making fun of me and spandex 🙂

Across the top and down a fun off camber desecent, lots of off chamber. Hit the 2nd climb not a bad one fire road that turned to single track steep at times but not bad at the top of this one we ran into a few locals (cows….) we continued up and at the next corner there were cows but these ones had horns…. sketchy…. around the next corner I look up the hill to my right and there is a HUGE cow freeked out running along side of us…. that thing was freaked! and I was a lill too 🙂

down a lill and up the last climb this was wasn’t bad at all middle ring and keep it moving. Down a couple long switch backs and ripped the fire road back 🙂

I played alill around the start thinking of what gear I wanted to start in and what the enterance to the single track was like.

Good ride was glad to have a giude!

Date: 04/25/2009
Start Time: 20:45:00
End Time: 21:53:00
Time Taken: 01:08:06
Route: Santa Ynez XC Course 09
Total Distance: 9.08 mi.
Burned: 960 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 150.0 lbs.
Effort: Hard
Quality: Good
HR: 90 (min) 155 (avg) 181 (max)
Pace: 44:27 (min) 07:30 (avg) 02:28 (max)
Speed: 1.35 (mi/hr) (min) 8 (mi/hr) (avg) 24.31 (mi/hr) (max)

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Santa Ynez pics

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GPS and race report to come here are the pics 🙂

Mission trails easy ride

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Great easy ride today. Hit the trails with a chill group today and I told myself keep the HR low and take it easy!

I did just that clearing everything (hence the 181 that was on S-turns….) but I took a shorter loop then normal and chilled great ride 🙂

Date: 04/22/2009
Start Time: 17:43:00
End Time: 19:08:00
Time Taken: 01:25:43
Route: Mission Trails
Total Distance: 7.50 mi.
Burned: 893 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 150.0 lbs.
Effort: Easiest
Quality: Great
HR: 90 (min) 136 (avg) 181 (max)
Pace: 58:36 (min) 12:25 (avg) 02:37 (max)
Speed: 1.02 (mi/hr) (min) 4.82 (mi/hr) (avg) 22.89 (mi/hr) (max)

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Mission Trails Punishment….again….

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Well trying to get into the this bio-rythme (uber hard days on sunday to simulate race efforts) I moved my MTB ride to monday thinking it would be cooler then sunday…. Wrong it was 107 at my work at noon… great… I hit the train @ 5:15 it was ~95 deg… My camel back had leaked all over my bag soaking all my clothes which worked out nice 🙂 I was relatively cool to start.

I hit the dirt HARD skipping extra credit early in order to try and warm up proper in this heat. down the stairs and up to the Mesa I wasn’t feeling all that fast the heat was zapping me…. Across the mesa I put in good effort and down tothe 52 I was rockin the down.

Hit the 4 steps on the way to the ledge the conditions were tough, Hot, dry, dusty traction was low…. no dabs no pauses up the steps to teh ledge and down the ledge over the rollers and down to E-ticket lost my concentration for a sec and BAM I’m on the ground… Loose corner low side… Its ok I didn’t need the skin on my elbow/calf…. Down E-ticket and thru the cyn I’m not feeling it (after the crash) I try to put in a good effort up S-turns but I don’t have the energy to surge up the water bar, and then my seat desides to drop on its own a lill further up… I keep it going and head up the fire road for lap 2, stop as I realize my seat post is slipping….then keep moving. The sun is setting and falling behind the hills now and the heat is dropping, now I’m coming around! across the mesa I feel good, down E-ticket much better I rock the canyon (stop again as my front screwer opens) and head up S-turns… No issues this time! I rock it! Up to Xtra credit no hesitation and up I go! 1st time up hurt alot, I fly down the desecnt, and head back to go at it again! 2nd time is better (its getting cooler out but my damn seat keeps dropping) I go for a 3rd round up! I nail it and feel good trying to keep my HR above 160 on the decents. I head back to the car. 1 crash, 3 stops for mechanicals and I still fly 🙂 Hoping for good stuff this weekend!

Date: 04/20/2009
Start Time: 17:16:00
End Time: 19:00:00
Time Taken: 01:43:50
Route: Mission Trails
Total Distance: 13.48 mi.
Burned: 1,667 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 150.0 lbs.
Effort: Hardest
Quality: Good
HR: 90 (min) 167 (avg) 187 (max)
Pace: 51:27 (min) 07:42 (avg) 02:13 (max)
Speed: 1.17 (mi/hr) (min) 7.79 (mi/hr) (avg) 26.83 (mi/hr) (max)

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SD Bay Ride

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Great ride! I really dig this ride!

We set out from Mission bay so I rode straight out from my house (I love riding from my house cause when your done your home:)

We headed off to get downtown the cross wind was pretty bad (I have no idea what is up with the wind of late…) thru downtowan with a stop to grab our ferry tix and we were off past petco and into national city… my rear wheel took a beating on the crap roads in NC… that needs some trueing now 😦 But the pace was light and we were chatting it up 🙂

Finally into chula vista and past the audi/vw’s shipping port lots of Q7’s out there must not be selling well…. past the new marina down there @ the junction of the 94 we were just talkin and chilling a light pace. On the bike path for a bit that was nice, then once on the road again matt decided to open it up a lill, he came past me ~30mph (me ~20ish) I jump on his wheel and hang he sits up and looks back and was very surprised to see me I think that was the hardest I worked all day 🙂

couple turns here and there and we were onto the new bike path that connects 13st/the strand to Chula Vista…. wow that was nice! fresh pavement! clean, fenced off, lots of wild flowers out! makes the ride soooo nice with out having to ride on palm ave in IB…

on to the strand we went Matt led us out and I came up and was like lets pick a easy pace and do 30s pulls keep it light and easy. he sets the pace @ about 19-20mph and we take great turns just rotating around (Don taking great pulls) and we slayed the strand in no time and I don’t think I even broke 165 bpm… good stuff!

we cranked around a bit and caught the 12:30 ferry accross the Bay (lill pano pic from the boat)

Back to downtown we ride up the PCH to mission bay again and do a lap around fiesta island for fun! Matt heads to the car and I take it easy cruising up to my house (greated I was starting to feel crampy heading up as I forgot to eat breakfast and was now @ almost 3hrs with no food…)

Great ride looking forward to doing to more and more on my light days (NO HILLS!)

Date: 04/18/2009
Start Time: 10:29:00
End Time: 13:21:00
Time Taken: 02:52:08
Route: SD Bay ride
Total Distance: 46.94 mi.
Burned: 2,345 (kcal)
Workout Weight: 148.0 lbs.
Effort: Easy
Quality: Great
HR: 80 (min) 145 (avg) 179 (max)
Pace: 48:42 (min) 03:40 (avg) 01:33 (max)
Speed: 1.23 (mi/hr) (min) 16.36 (mi/hr) (avg) 38.6 (mi/hr) (max)

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