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stairs and up the usual climb on the ensuing flat on the mesa I put the screw to everyone and I lost them,

I hit the descent and the up the next climb, down and up the steep up CLEARED IT! and kept going up all the way to the top CLEARED the top! and I put a hand on the fence and spun backwards for a good 5-10mins waiting for everyone 🙂 down the rollers (man that trail is in bad shape) down Eticket and thru the rock garden now Sturns…

I was feeling confident but damn it! I dabbed as I hit my pedal on a rock man this climb kills me. Up to the top and a new single track back to the car. nice ride!


Route: Elev. Avg: 667 ft
Location: San Diego/Miramar MCAS, CA Elev. Gain: +3 ft
Date: 03/11/09 Up/Downhill: [+1466/-1463]
Time: 05:28 PM Difficulty: 3.8 / 5.0
Weather: Overcast
  56 F temp; 61% humidity
  56 F heat index; winds W 9


Distance: 7.57 miles
Time: 1:31:46
Speed: 4.9 mph
Pace: 12' 15 /mi
Calories: 429



Elevation (ft)


Speed (mph)


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