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Holy S that ride was only 5.68 miles! damn! there is 2 things to do on this ride, climb and decend and neither are easy. the climb is not rockin hard but def gets the heart rate up and is tech in sections.

The decent “NASCAR” is uber tech and def tricky….. We climbed up switchbacks I dabbed only 1 time! and then we rocketed down NASCAR! I only almost died 2X 🙂 Up again this time the legs were not as quick and I Dabbed 2X but this time I was better on NASCAR and felt good on the decent! Great ride for tech skills!


Route: Elev. Avg: 716 ft
Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA Elev. Gain: -13 ft
Date: 02/25/09 Up/Downhill: [+1332/-1345]
Time: 05:38 PM Difficulty: 3.5 / 5.0
Weather: Overcast
  56 F temp; 71% humidity
  56 F heat index; winds Calm


Distance: 5.68 miles
Time: 1:16:04
Speed: 4.5 mph
Pace: 13' 20 /mi
Calories: 357



Elevation (ft)


Speed (mph)


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