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Checked out La Costa for the first time… at night…. 🙂 We got a lill lost at first and climbed up the steep ass fireroad! its was a grinder! and def no warm up! but we got to the top and found NASCAR! man that is fun! Matt had some issues as he didn’t have a lot of light. We made our way down and kinda got lost again when we got to a spot where it just looped back but figured out a way up the switchbacks. That was a really fun technical climb. These trails were 75% rock and lots of tech I loved it! I dabbed in 2 spots, 1 was a rocky section where I lost traction and I picked a bad line 30 yrds from the top and smashed my knee on my stem 😦 Great ride can’t wait to do it again some time!


Route: Elev. Avg: 709 ft
Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA Elev. Gain: +33 ft
Date: 01/29/09 Up/Downhill: [+1269/-1236]
Time: 06:11 PM Difficulty: 3.5 / 5.0
Weather: Fair
  62 F temp; 28% humidity
  62 F heat index; winds E 5


Distance: 5.13 miles
Time: 1:24:23
Speed: 3.7 mph
Pace: 16' 13 /mi Heart Rate: 160 bpm (Avg)
Calories: 370 187 bpm (Peak)



Elevation (ft)


Speed (mph)


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