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Well with the past racing weekend I decided to go straight into my full on winter rest period… God I’m gonna be feaning for a ride esp with my new road wheels in route.

But the next couple weeks will be full of rest, trying to keep calories down, and cleaning/fixing bikes (and maybe adding a new one to the stable if possible)

With that thought I wanted to toss in my thoughts on how ’08 went and my goals for ’09

’08 was a bigger year then I thought it would be it started out with the thought of doing a 24hr race on a 5 man team and ended with me doing 2 24hr races, 1 12 hr race, 12 XC race, and 1 CX race….. Happiest of all I hit that 2,750 mile goal even though it was more then 50% MTB’ing 🙂

stats from ’08
Month miles hrs
Jan 121.996 7.53
Feb 85.64 14.91
March 276.02 29.19
April 203.33 18.41
May 352.03 20.63
June 274.9 16.88
July 310.73 22.63
August 237.77 15.38
Sept 354.18 32.51
Oct 220.42 19.80
Nov 188.64 17.65
Dec 130.28 9.47

Looking back January was a pretty good month for the winter and I was sick in February, so I can only hope to match those numbers.


My next race will be Feb 1st after 2 weeks of training. I hope to just knock the dust off and feel well. After that its lifting and tempo rides for February which will be a lot of Road with the Cancer ride and the tour to Cali.

After feb its no joke nose to the grind stone thru march with a couple races in prep for the biggy…. The Santa Ynez Valley US Mt. Bike Cup that is my first A race of the year.

The late spring and summer will be just fun stuff and a couple bike trips Tahoe and hopefully an eastcoast trip as well.

August will see me shifting away from MTB’ing and really concentrating on Cyclocross for the first time ever. I plan on doing a serious CX season. So August will see lots of intervals and CX riding with a race toward the end then races every couple weeks till the season ends in December.

I’m hoping to also sneak in the 12hrs of temecula in November as a SOLO! that is if the CX season lines up right and I can skip a race or 2 and still put in a good season.

We’ll see how it all plays out but this year for the first time since 2001 I’ll have a full race calender and I might even do more races than I did @ my peak racing….?

’09 will be interesting that is for sure!


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