Day: December 14, 2008

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Well I got up at the crack of damn…. well pre dawn…. well saturday night….. up at 5am on the road by 5:20 I got up to Palos Verde (sick town by the way) at 7:20…. yea I was the first racer there reg wasn’t even open… at least I wasn’t late 🙂

I tossed the seats back in the E and took a 20min nap. Just before 8am I started gearing up, it was fucking freezing out! sub 40 for sure. I tossed all all the clothing I had and got my number. I took a practice lap headed back to the car and dropped a layer. Took another practice lap was feeling ok but nervous. I headed back to the car and dropped down to just my jersey, bibs, knee warmers, and arm warmers…. Yup I raced all clad in spandex….

Got up to the line and tried to get a decent starting spot. They didn’t do cal ups so but I let the guys that looked like they knew what they were doing take the front row I took 3rd row.

The bell rung and I got clipped in on the first shit and passed a few people going into the first turn and then I passed about 3 more in the second turn. I was in the top 3 as we headed up the first climb I lost a couple spots right here as a went out HARD at the start. But then I figured I was in 6-8th and settled in. there was one guy right behind me and I was keeping him off me. We hit the main decent and I was feeling ok but not that comfy on the road bike possession on the dirt.

turned up the 2nd climb this one was a run up with 2 boards and the guy behind me passed me, I remounted right behind him and chased him down the hill, in the next turn her took too much speed in to the corner and ran wide I took him on the inside. He was behind me back thru the start finish and I stayed ahead of him on the climb, we dismounted at the 1st board and ran across the water crossing I remounted and lost my chain…… so he passed me 😦

I stayed close for the next 2 laps and I could see him at the sharp turns. On the last lap I tried to turn it up a bit but in the end I came up about 30yrds short of catching 😦

Lots of lessons learned!

1.) get there early (well maybe not 1:45 early) and do at least 2 practiced laps and then prob go back and at least do the tricky parts a couple more times.

2.) I can go harder! I def could have gone harder and with only a 30min race I can go almost ALL out! I had way too much left in my tank at the end

3.) this is alot of fun and will def be a main concentration on mine next fall!!!


Route: Elev. Avg: 316 ft
Location: Elev. Gain: +0 ft
Date: 12/14/08 Up/Downhill: [+216/-216]
Time: 09:00 AM Difficulty: 1.4 / 5.0


Distance: 1.24 miles
Time: 0:33:13
Speed: 2.2 mph
Pace: 27' 16 /mi Heart Rate: 180 bpm (Avg)
Calories: 607 190 bpm (Peak)



Elevation (ft)


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