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I cleaned up my IF and packed the jeep tossed joe’s/my bike on the back and off we were to ATT (Anderson truck trail) we hit the road and saw dark bad looking clouds as we headed toward the trail head. I geared up cycling shell, booties, cycling cap under the helmet, knee warmers, and my new Specialized glasses. Joe was making fun of me but 15mins into the ride the drizzle turned to all out down pour! And I was grinning as I was comfy and warm and dry. The trail was holding up well not much mud the drainage along the trail was well design so we kept going. We hit the main climb and the rain slowed but I was still happy to have the gear I did.

We made it to the ½ way point up and the rain was almost gone and we could see blue sky coming at us from the west. We pushed on to the top and made it up the climb in just over an hr not great but not bad. Now came the fun part see the ride is an up and down…. 3 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing on double track to then drop single track which has berms stunts and HUGE drops on it (all optional) as we get ready to descend I loose the jacket and the booties the sun comes out and my specialized glasses increase tint accordingly ( I love these things I mean I’m an Oakley whore but these are spot on!)

We get to it and man I love this trail, fresh off watching NWD9 I get it in my head I can ride like a stud I’m hitting wall rides and jumps I usually wouldn’t The dirt was epic! I mean this trail is usually fun but loose and tough to find traction not an issue yesterday roosting berms wheelieing out was the norm! We stop and short sessioned a couple rock sections and jumps and make it back to the car in ~1hr. what looked like crappy rained conditions turned into one the funnest rides I’ve ever had out here!


Route: ATT short Elev. Avg: 1535 ft
Location: Alpine, California Elev. Gain: -43 ft
Date: 12/07/08 Up/Downhill: [+2171/-2214]
Time: 01:00 PM Difficulty: 4.2 / 5.0


Distance: 10.50 miles
Time: 2:00:50
Speed: 5.2 mph
Pace: 11' 32 /mi Heart Rate: 157 bpm (Avg)
Calories: 1567 189 bpm (Peak)


Alpine, California

Elevation (ft)


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