Race Day

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Race day hits… The wind is pretty insane…. sustaned 30Mph, gust in the 50+ range….
Derek goes out and puts us in a great spot sub 1:30 lap! Its my turn…. I’m feeling ok and hoping for 1:45 based on my performance a couple nights before.

I hit the trail and I ride a decent tempo to the base of the climb, I hit the climb and start trying to crank out the miles.
Its hard going and I’m not feeling like I have the power I need to pull a great lap. Mile 3ish I hit a couple run up sandy sections and I do crazy run ups and cyclocross hop ons to get going again.
PROBLEM! as I jump on and off my saddle all cyclocross style the nose of the saddle starts to angle up… yea not so comfy….

This had never been an issue before but I didn’t really do these jump on the saddle starts alot… I stop before I get to the top of the climb break out the multitool and try and fix the seat… I angle it too far down… DAMN! a litte bit later I stop again and try and fix it.

Ok now the saddle is feeling good, I hit the fireroad section ater mile 4 and start cranking, the saddle slide back again!!! WTF!!! I stop for a 3rd time and angle it down and crank the hell out of the bolt! Its a little too far down but I’m not stopping again!

I push pretty hard to make up time, I’m getting passed by lots of people, I’m feeling really slow….Then comes the tech downhill sections and the tide turns I’m bombing stuff and passing people 4-5 at a time 🙂

I hit the 2nd climb and settle in and push good gears up and run up the sandy section, I hit the fireroad and put the hammer down. I crank all the way back to the camp… I hit discouraged by my mechanical whoos but happy I broke 1:45

Distance: 14.91 Miles | Climbing Dist: 7.85 mi. |Climb Elevation: 1,360 ft. | Avg Grade: 3%
1560 calories
avg HR 177
Max HR 187


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