Moab practice lap

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Well after landing in Denver Wedesday night we headed back to Jp’s and biult bikes and cooked food!
The next am we packed up the rental mini van and the 4runner and headed off on our 6 hr drive to Utah.

The drive east on I-70 is always nice est the drive thru Glenwood Cyn (which was my 2nd time driving thru there in 2 months 🙂

We booked it on the last section (route 125) thru the Coloroado River gorge to get to Moab before the biek shop closed to get the last 2 bikes
We needed:)

Hit the campsite just before sundown and setup camp just in time for the sun to disspear. We got the bikes all ready and set off on a chill pace night lap.

First impression was cool, tight twisty single track start, hit a couple sand pits (It’s Moab sand is expected) then we turned North and started the climb.

In the beginning I was like cool little rock mixed with loose interesting climb…. After mile 4 I was like WTF this is a slow going climb! While it wasn’t that steep the climb was slow and rough and esp on a hardtail!
There were a couple sections where the only term that came to mind was stairway to HELL (even though we were going up…) the rock was ramped up at angles making stairs of sorts and it was ramped at you, so it was like pedal, surge up, pedal, surge up, pedal.
Making it very hard to get into a rhyme like I’m used to.

We got behind the rocks and at mile 5 we hit some fun decending, though it was a bit sandy. Then it was rolling up and down a bit and a couple hike a bikes up Sandy hills.

We hit the 2nd decent and that was a fun section down the “nose dive” and had some fun tech rockie down sections.

We then hit the second climb, much better! less sand, smooth rock I could set a tempo on this one! though it ended with a run up sandy hill.

Then we had 2-3 miles of fast fire road with sandy washes here and there.

That lap had some scray stats

Distance: 14.91 Miles | Climbing Dist: 7.85 mi. |Climb Elevation: 1,360 ft. | Avg Grade: 3%
2:25:56 mins
2025 calories
avg HR 162
Max HR 191

The altitude was hurting me and a 2.5hr night lap had me on the ropes as to how fast I could really do this course…..


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